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TrueVision Eyecare provides comprehensive eye care for the entire family as well as an extensive range of frames and sunglasses. We also treat a variety of eye conditions including foreign body removal, conjunctivitis (pink eye) as well as other traumas to the eye. In order to serve the community better we also co-manage many eye diseases including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. TrueVision works with many local surgical groups to provide our patients with pre and post-operative care.Our new, larger office allows us to accommodate an Optical coherence tomography (OCT) which provides detailed images of the retina, as well as a visual field analyzer used to measure a patients peripheral vision. Children are important in our practice and TrueVision is an infantSEE provider, providing free eye exams to children under the age of one.

Great Eyewear and Eye Care in Acworth, GA

With an office in Acworth, TrueVision Eyecare serves Georgia’s tri-county area of Cobb, Paulding and Bartow – schedule an appointment today. If you have a moment, please give us your feedback about our site and your experiences with TrueVision Eyecare.

Our Eye Care Specialties

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Do you sometimes feel a burning or scratching sensation in your eyes? You may have dry eye syndrome. Symptom relief is available. Make an appointment today.

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Contact Lenses

Interested in trying contacts, or already a contact lens wearer? We provide thorough contact lens fittings and the newest, most technologically advanced contact lenses.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Questions about what's involved in a complete eye exam? Learn everything you need to know to be prepared for your eye exam, or your child's eye exam.

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Our Latest Arrival

New Arrivals – Select Designer Frames
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Dr. John Valle, Dr. Shara Draper, and Dr. Brian Mays

Meet our doctors, Dr. John Valle, Dr. Shara Draper, and Dr. Brian Mays (from left to right).

Dr. John Valle, Dr. Shara Draper, and Dr. Brian Mays

Meet our doctors, Dr. John Valle, Dr. Shara Draper, and Dr. Brian Mays (from left to right).

Our Eye Doctors See YOU Not Just Your Eyes

We are true to our commitment of providing the most comprehensive, highest quality eye care to you and your family.

Our optometrists‘ vision is to help everyone in our Acworth community maintain exceptional quality of life and sight for years to come.

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What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Check out our Dry Eye Clinic for the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome as a result of medications, thyroid problems, chemotherapy, computer-use, and more.

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